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Meckling Farmland

Purchase these four productive parcels. The 1038 taxable acres are located in Clay County near Meckling, which is situated along Highway 50, northwest of Vermillion. This land is reasonably priced at $ 10,172,400 ($ 9,800 per acre) and available for immediate possession. All four parcels are or will be irrigated.

Section 22 – 315 Acres

The 315 acres of farmland in Section 22 have recently been enhanced by the installation of a drain tile system. Three separate pivots allow for efficient irrigation coverage to this somewhat L-shaped property. This section offers direct entry to the north side of Highway 50 and access to the railroad line.

Section 27 – 157 Acres

This 157-acre parcel has been a reliable producer of corn and soybean crops for many years. It is located in the northwest corner of Section 27 of Meckling Township and has very good soil ratings. Its irrigation pivot has also resulted in tremendous annual yields.

Section 9 – 331 Acres

The 331 acres of farmland in the east half of Section 9 offers the convenience of planting and harvesting mile-long rows. This entire parcel has been pattern tiled and is serviced by two full irrigation pivots, one in each quarter section.

Section 9 – Additional Acres

Two 82-acre parcels were added to Section 9 within the past year. The two parcels, which form the southwest quarter of Section 9, are scheduled to be irrigated prior to spring planting in 2017. The full-pivot system will be connected to the prolific well in the adjacent 331 acres.

Meckling Farmland Historical Information

The entire Meckling corn crop averaged a robust, 200-plus bushels per acre in 2013. Excessive early moisture lessened the corn and soybean yields in 2015, but Section 27 still averaged over 200 bushels of corn. The 315-acre field saw yields in the 140-bushel range, but the 331-acre field had a corn average of 160 bushels. The 2015 harvest saw a return of nearly 150-bushel corn crops across the board. The 2020 corn harvest witnessed a 240 bushel per acre yield. Total 2020 real estate taxes for all parcels of Meckling land amounted to $24,942.34.

Meckling Data and Maps